Conservative dentistry

Effective prevention and treatment of dental caries is a recipe for healthy and good-looking teeth. This is why it’s worth choosing a reliable dentist – welcome to our clinic in Lublin!

DENTIZ STOMATOLOGIA IZDEBSCY Dental Centre offers a full range of services to patients of all ages. We provide all aspects of dentistry in a friendly atmosphere. Our patients are offered painless treatments thanks to the delivery of the local anaesthetic. We make use of current advances in dental science, ensuring modern and, above all, careful treatment of milk and permanent teeth. The application of long-tested materials guarantees the most desirable results. We make sure that our filling are esthetic and so your smile looks natural.

DENTIZ STOMATOLOGIA IZDEBSCY dental clinic offers its patients complex professional teeth cleaing treatments accompanied by fluoride treatment. In case of highly damaged teeth which do not qualify for conservative treatment, we offer restorative treatments in order to strengthen the crown of the tooth with materials such as glass fibre posts or titanium pins.

Remember! Take great care of your teeth and treat any dental diseases as soon as possible. Ensure a lifetime of a healthy smile! You’re welcome to pay us a visit – call at (81) 741-03-70.