Laser dentistry

Teeth whitening and other laser procedures in our dental clinic in Lublin

Epic_X-400pxSince the well-being of our patients is our number one priority, we have equipped our clinic with two machines used in laser therapy.

Hence, we are able to offer our patients:

  • laser biostimulation – this form of laser therapy is an effective way to reduce pain, inflammation and speed up the tooth healing processes. It is used to treat pulp and periapical tissue diseases, tooth hypersensitivity as well as to help surgical and implant treatment.
  • Laser surgery for performing specific dental procedures – we offer minimally invasive surgical procedures for soft tissue management using a high power surgical laser. The usage of a laser beam enables us to conduct bloodless, fast and atraumatic procedures. Wounds and tissues heal faster, allowing no room for scars.

LASER TEETH WHITENINGteeth whitening with a laser is a modern and recognized method for perfecting the aesthetics of your teeth. The activation of the bleaching agent with a laser beam , instead of LED lamps used so far is quick and effective. Moreover, it helps minimize teeth hypersensitivity. You can undergo the procedure in question in our dental clinic DENTIZ STOMATOLOGIA IZDEBSCY in Lublin.