Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment in our dental clinic in Lublin.

Endodontics, also miscroscopic endodontics, has recently been one of the most rapidly developing branches of dentistry. Doctors at DENTIZ Stomatologia Izdebscy dental clinic in Lublin agree with  the common belief that neither a dental implant or nor any prosthetic restoration is good enough to replace a pateint’s own tooth. Therefore, our clinic places emphasis on providing its patients with root canal treatments at its highest level.

Thanks to the cutting-edge specialist equipment available in our clinic, we are able to treat root canals with machine-driven instruments and fill them with thermoplastic gutta-percha. We take pride in possessing a high-class dental miscroscope, which entails the possibility of miscroscopic root canal treatment.

We do invite other dental clinics in Lublin to cooperation as concerns difficult endodontic treatments.

Thanks to the possibility of microscopic  root canal treatment which we can offer to our patients at  DENTIZ Stomatologia Izdebscy dental clinic, many teeth, otherwise doomed to extraction, may be saved. If you need a doctor, specialized in microscopic endodontics or you are not convinced about the necessity to have your tooth extracted, arrange for dental consultation at our clinic. Call at: 81 741 03 70.